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Fragrance Review: Chloé perfume has a heart of rose

Chloe perfumeIn 2008, renowned noses Michel Almairac and Amandine Marie resurrected the Chloé perfumes brand with their collaborative work on the most feminine of feminine fragrances: Chloé.

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Fragrance Review: Citizen Queen a weapon of mass seduction

Citizen Queen perfumeThis modern day chypre celebrates dominant femininity… perhaps if Chanel No.5 and Agent Provocateur were to produce an illegitimate love child, Citizen Queen by Juliette Has a Gun would be it!

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Fragrance Review: A Scent by Issey Miyake

A Scent perfume by Issey MiyakeIn true minimalist style, Issey Miyake aptly named this perfume "A Scent," but don't let this mislead you; there is nothing nominal about this uplifting EDT that will ensure you revisit the green thrumming murmur of summer -- time and time again.

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Katie Puckrik reviews Wonderwood by Comme des Garcons

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Fragrance Review: Gucci Envy is a masculine love potion

Gucci Envy cologne for menIt may be the neon green shade of toxic swamp water, but Gucci Envy for Men is still a favorite with the fellows. Fashioned under the creative direction of Tom Ford in 1998, Envy embodies stylish, sophisticated charm at its best. It appeals to a man who likes to be desired … everything he is and everything he does, is something to be envied.

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Costume National 21: A bewitching fragrance

Costume National 21 fragranceLaunched in 2007 to mark the milestone of 21 years in the fragrance business, Costume National 21 is an avant garde scent that is like a sheep in wolf's clothing. Despite its beautiful minimalist bone-white flacon, the contents will bewitch and surprise!

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Celebrating Eau d'Orange Verte's dynamic citrus heart

Hermes d'Orange Verte fragrance reviewIf you love your citrus scents to rouse and stimulate your senses, then you won't find better than Eau d'Orange Verte. This house of Hermés classic has withstood the test of time - first created in 1979, and still going strong today.

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White Patchouli full of contradictions and surprises

Tom Ford White Patchouli fragrancePatchouli oil was worn to excess in the 1970s, in an age where free love and psychedelic "counterculturalism" was the norm. Now some 30 years later, Tom Ford has borrowed from this revolutionary time, and reworked patchouli into something very different.

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Amber is the star attraction in Gaultier 2

Jean Paul Gaultier Gaultier 2 fragranceIt would seem everything that fashion meistro Jean Paul Gaultier touches turns to gold! Following the colossal success of his global fragrance triumphs Le Male and Classique, Jean Paul Gaultier decided to release his first unisex scent; Gaultier 2 (to the power of two) in 2005.

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S.T. Dupont Noir for men is bold and commanding

St Dupont Noir cologne for menS.T. Dupont is perhaps best known for its luxury metallic lighters and high-end writing instruments, but few are aware that this brand has a vast heritage that spans more than 100 years! In 2006 S.T. Dupont launched the bold and commanding masculine scent Noir.

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