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Fragrance Review: A Scent by Issey Miyake

A Scent perfume by Issey MiyakeIn true minimalist style, Issey Miyake aptly named this perfume "A Scent," but don't let this mislead you; there is nothing nominal about this uplifting EDT that will ensure you revisit the green thrumming murmur of summer -- time and time again.
Issey Miyake A Scent is presented in a beautifully-designed weighty glass flacon that does not increase in height with each greater fluid volume; but rather in width. The frosted sides of the bottle and pale green juice are suggestive of a cool slab of ice, but inside there awaits an entire English summer garden sprawling beneath a relentlessly warm sun.

The opening spritz brings with it an extraordinary feeling of green -- sharp, crisp and herbaceous. It prickles with ripe citruses - lemon and verbena - before maundering toward a rich floral heart of hyacinth and jasmine. These opulent blooms are heady and dramatic, but not the least bit overwhelming. The tail end of this fragrance shifts toward a "freshly washed" soapiness that lends the sensation of being immaculately clean.

Miyake's A Scent could be worn well in warm weather or during long-haul travel. Alternatively, it will be appreciated in the cooler months, when one wishes to conjure memories of the summer just gone.

His aesthetic may be minimal, but Issey Miyake's A Scent is surprisingly profound.

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