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Sour Beauty: 5 Beauty Benefits of a Lemon

Behold, the tiny citrus fruit that remedies many beauty solutions and has it's plenty benefits for skin. 

How so, you may ask? 


Slowly zap away those zits and have a natural, healthy glow by squeezing some lemon juice into a glass of warm water and top it off with a drop or two of honey.  Sounds gross, but bottoms up ... you are on your way to good health and gorgeous skin! 

Have oily skin? Swipe off that grease by rubbing the fruit on your face and neck area.  Rubbing the citrusy drops of juice on your face will reduce shine and minimize pores.  

Need a natural hair conditioner? Rub some juice into your hair to rid dryness that may cause dandruff and the finished result?  A lovely, lustrous shine! 

Want to look like you got 8 hours of beauty sleep when you really only got half the amount, if that?  Before headin' to bed, add some lemon juice and glycerin to a glass of boiled milk.  Smooth it all over your face and watch the hours of beauty sleep add up! Talk about a fresh, glowing look all day.  


What lemon zest beauty benefit tip would you most likely use? 

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Chill Out With These Cool Scents

Doesn't each summer seemingly get hotter and hotter every year? What better way to chill out than with cool scents, like Cool Water by Davidoff or Carlo Cool by Carlo Corinto? Carlo Cool is a citrus, fresh spicy, earthy scent with woody notes, a scent only the summer heat can handle. Cool Water by Davidoff is a popular fave, and with good reasoning! It comes in a men and women's scent and both feature a fresh, outdoorsy scent to keep you cool! A classic, to say the least!

While we can't think of a better way than enjoying other scents by Davidoff, like Cool Water Wave or loving the scent of Cool Water Summer Fizz, we are always in the mood for an icy cool and refreshing scent...oh yeah, and who can't pass up an iced coffee?

What cool scent is your summer must have during the heated, hot summer days?

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How to Fake A Perfect Tan

Want a healthy summer glow? Who woulnd't? And now, more than ever, are we completely and utterly obsessed, we said it, obsessed, with Xen-Tan products.

Xen-Tan self tanning solutions are easy, fun (weird, right), and long lasting. They have a lotion for everyone, from pale white skin tones to already dark tones.

Choose from their luxe lotions or their weekly self tan mousse, whichever you choose, we know you'll prefer this over catching those dangerous rays in the heat of the summer.

What's really great about this line? They also carry a lotion just for the face! So not to worry about clogging your pores or using the same lotion you would use on your body, this lightweight formula is also beneficial for your face! The face tanner is gentle for every day use, and is enriched with antioxidants and moisturizers for an even more healthy, summery glow.

Which Xen-Tan product can't you wait to try out?!

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WaterProof Makeup Must Have's

There is nothing worse than wearing a product that wipes off in the rain. That's why we love, love, love waterproof makeup, and that is why we're letting you know these absolute must have items that you absolutely need to keep a fresh face all day, not matter what!

From your face to your lips to the obvious,  your eyes, these products are the ideal waterproof items you'll want in your bag at all times.
The most known waterproof product is mascara, so let's start with that. Sound good, it is, just like this Yves Saint Laurent Everlong lengthening waterproof mascara. It can be described as a revolutionary mascara with a modern designed brush, this will give an instant and long lasting lengthening effect while keeping your lashes waterproof!
Something you may not be keen on is a waterproof or long lasting powder. Christian Dior's Dior Skin forever compact leaves your face flawless and moist, a makeup inspired by nano-technology.  It's waterproof(which is so awesome) and it's long wearing.  You'll want to have this compact with you at all times, anywhere you go!

A lip stain that lasts? They're supposed to be never do, but this Laura Mercier does, it's true! This hybrid of a stain and gloss formula offers the confort and sheen of a gloss but is long wearing.  With quick application and a clear glass pot packaging, this is an essential for the summer and can easily be put on with a lib brush or even your finger tips!

What waterproof, longlasting product can't you live without?

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How to Wear: Nude Lip Look

Sure, the bright pouts are getting plenty of attention this season, but the classic nude lip is still going strong on the runways and red carpets too.  The barely there lip color is so simple, yet can be quite the opposite to pull off.

First things first, with a nude lip, you should never go for a matte or opaque lipstick, this will only make you look pasty and washed out. Trying to achive that Jersey Shore look, then go for it, but if you're goign for anything but that look, the color of your nude lips needs to be sheer, with a slight sheen. 

Next step, find the right match for your skin tone. Don't wash out your skin tone with a nude lip color, make sure if you're fair you opt for pink undertone nude lip colors, if you're tan, opr for one with orange undertones. The key tip here?  Make sure the nude color isn't lighter than your skin. It should be nude but still 'pop'.

Pair it up with a strong eye look.  Whether it be a strong brow look or a smokey, shadowey eye, with a subtle lip, you must go strong elsewhere on the face.

Our nudey pick?

Bourjois Plump action lip plumping gloss in rose sexy is one.  This lavish, non sticky lip gloss provides a sheer coverage, glides on smoothly, and offers a high-shine finish. Everything and anything we'd ever ask for in a nude lip gloss!


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Patriotic Makeup Looks for 4th of July

It's the perfect time to prepare to look your best, especially with the BBQ extravaganzas for July 4th, a pretty patriotic touch is fitting.
So instead of prepping your face with stars and pouring glitter onto your skin, skip the mess and check out this perfect, sophisticated makeup that is minimal and won't have you in tears when you're trying to remove it later.

July 4th is the perfect time to get that cherry color look you've been dying to try, add a lip or cheek stain to your collection for a stain that will guarantee a light and airy feel you'll love.

Brighten up your eyes and add a little white shadow to the tearduct of your eye. This brightening shadow will open your entire eye up and give you a wide awaken look.  Just add a neutral skin tone color to your entire lid and a white shadow to the inner corner of your eye, and the result?  A cool, natural glowly look.

Now that you're almost done with a completely patriotic makeup theme, we have one color left, and that is blue. This color, have fun with! Try adding a blue eyeliner (glitter eyeliner, anyone?). This will really make your eye color pop and make the whites in your eyes look even whiter!

From all of us here at, we wish you a happy, safe, and beautiful 4th of July holiday!

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Apply Mascara like a PRO

If you're not one to wear makeup, at least wear mascara like a pro. Not only will give your face a complete look but it will also make your eyes pop. Sometime a little goes a long way, a little mascara is all a girl needs!

So take these simple tips and tricks and apply mascara like a pro.

Choose a mascara that you like. There are so many mascaras out there on the market that it may be confusing. Choose the effect you want your lashes to achieve, whether it be volumizing, thickening, curling, or lenghtening...choose what you wish to achieve with your mascara wearing look.

  • Take the wand, apply the mascara just at the base of the lashes. Wiggle the wand to the left and right, and continue to wiggle it up doing so until the tip of your lash.
  • Continue to wiggle the wand in your lashes until you have achieved the thickness you'd like
  • When doing the bottom lashes, tilt your head forward a bit and wiggle it side to side to the end of your lower lashes.
  • If you accidentally wiggled too far, not to worry, just take some makeup remover and a q-tip and sweep away your mistakes.  
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10 Beauty Tips To Rock Your World

There are a ton of beauty tips,we know, we get it and we won't bore you with the same ol' same ol'. We took the time in compiling our favorite 10 beauty tips to share with you. Let us know which one will rock your world most!

Rock it #1: Say goodbye to cracked feet with Vicks Vapor rub. Rub the ointment on your feet before bed and cover with socks.
Rock it #2: Cuticle care is a must my friends. Use vaseline, olive oil, or eye cream, yes eye cream, to make sure they stay soft and strong.
Rock it #3: We can't say it enough, but we'll say it again, layering is key when putting on your perfume. Try putting on your perfume first and then your lotion. Your scent will last longer.
Rock it #4: Here's a given. When putting, rubbing, or slathering anything onto your face, never pull down on your skin. Think about your skin in the future (no saggies please) and be sure to circle pat upwards when tending to your face.

Rock it #5: This one may seem like common sense, but in reality, not all so common. Wash your face before you get to bed! Your skin needs to breathe, give it some air out time while you get those beauty zzz's.

Rock it #6: Oldie but a goodie, quench your thirst and go beyond that with drinking lots of water!

Rock it #7: Don't be afraid to mix and match your makeup, whether it be eye color, foundation, or lip color, mix it and customize the colors to match what you wish the color to be.

Rock it #8: Do not use baby wipes to remove makeup from your face. This is bad for your skin, may be soft for a baby's butt, but your face is no baby's butt. Don't use these to take off your maekup.

Rock it #9: Ran out of nail polish remover and can't get out of the house to the store for more? No problemo. Apply a clear top coat to your cracked and chipped nail polish and remove it promptly with a cotton ball.

Rock it #10: Beauty products aren't forever. Be sure to switch it up every few months or so. The effectiveness of the products wear off, not to worry, ditch the old items and snag a new cool product you'll most likely love even more!


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Beauty Trend Alert: White Eye Shadow

Isn't there something so glamourous and clean about a white eye shadow look? Gah, we love the simplicity and the elegant beauty it creates when applied just right on the eye. Maybe it's the contrast with a dark liner and it's light color, but we love this feminine look and think it's a definite MUST try for you, your friends, and anyone who is willing to try this effortless look.

Let's get started!

  • For a simple, clean white eye shadow look, first sweep a shimmery or matte white shadow across your eyelids. 
  • Next, you will want to blend a neutral brown on the outer corner of your eye and blend upward into the creaseline. Continue to blend ever-so-lightly.
  • Next, take either a liquid eyeliner or pencil liner and line your lids as close to the lashline as possible
  • For a more dramatic look, extend the line for a more sophisticated, cat-eye look
  • Next, lightly line the lower lashline on the waterline with a brown liner
  • Curl your lashes, if you so desire, and apply a dark brown or black mascara

There you have it! A gorgeous, summery white eye! What do you think?


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Three ways to make your makeup last all day

There are few things in life we want to last all day, but one that we would love...all day? How about our make up staying put? Especially with the warmer weather, what am I kidding, the insane heatwaves coming our way, there is nothing more that I want than my makeup to not melt off my face, muddle and move, and slowly fade throughout the day. 

Here's three quick and easy additions to your daily face routine that will make the products you use already stay strong and last long.

Numero uno, most importantly, start your face off with a lightweight primer.  This will help your makeup 'melt' into your skin, in a good way, and leave you with a flawless foundation application, even in the summer heat.

A finishing powder will be the next essential, and last step to your beauty routine. With a large kabuki or face brush, use the powder as a way to 'veil' your makeup and set it into place. This will keep a matte look while keeping shine under control when it's most needed.

Lastly, as I mentioned in the paragraph before, matte, you want to always go for a matte finish when creating a long lasting makeup effect. Forget the highlighting cream and anything with shimmer, you want to create a smooth, oil-free look with your complexion.

Questions? Feel free to comment below and let us know what works for you to make your makeup last all day!

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