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Fragrance Review: Gucci Envy is a masculine love potion

Gucci Envy cologne for menIt may be the neon green shade of toxic swamp water, but Gucci Envy for Men is still a favorite with the fellows. Fashioned under the creative direction of Tom Ford in 1998, Envy embodies stylish, sophisticated charm at its best. It appeals to a man who likes to be desired … everything he is and everything he does, is something to be envied.

Mysterious and assured, Envy for Men is a highly evolved blend of fragrant lavender and dark, rich patchouli. It is speckled with contrasting accords of bracing, zesty ginger and warm, spicy ribbons of ambrosial nutmeg. Notes of radiant amber and sensual musk also provide a profoundly rich foundation over which this cologne has been built. Envy is a versatile eau de toilette that is intensely sexy, so beware … it has the ability to take you straight from the boardroom into the bedroom!

This harmonious, spicy blend boasts exceptional projection and persistence. I find that minimal application will yield maximum results, and you will find yourself standing head and shoulders above the rest. If there had to be just one masculine love potion, then this would be it!

Envy may be considered a sin, but this fragrant transgression is one you might just be forgiven for succumbing to. 

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