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Thierry Mugler Angel: lip-smacking yet sophisticated

Thierry Mugler Angel perfumeThierry Mugler's Angel descended onto the world's stage in 1992 as the perfume that popularized the gourmand genre, which bought delicious food-like qualities to fragrance. To this day, Angel is a lip-smacking yet sophisticated blend of dewy berries, creamy vanilla, warm honey, dark chocolate and golden caramel which evoke happy recollections of youthful days spent at candy stores and fairgrounds.

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Surf's up with Roxy Love

Roxy Love perfumeWhere I live there is no surfing. There are mountains, and lots of them. My knowledge of the board-riding culture comes from movies like "Point Break" and "Blue Crush." I find everything about surfing totally rad -- even though I have never tried it -- the beach, the waves, the tan, the sun-bleached hair, the fashion. I'm craving a little of that today, and because I can't go to the beach I thought I'd bring the beach to me -- with a spritz of Roxy Love.
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