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Thierry Mugler's Womanity opulent and feminine

Womanity perfume Thierry Mugler is a French fashion designer known for his sophisticated, urban designs. His line also includes an amazing selection of fine fragrances. Angel , his first and probably most popular perfume, appeared in 1992. Womanity perfume was released in 2010 in conjunction with his website marketing campaign,, encouraging women to share their definitions of what being a woman today is all about.

Like a woman, Womanity is a multi-faceted perfume that originally grabbed my attention when I tried the body milk. Womanity has top notes of green and citrus, heart notes of figs, caviar accord, animal notes and aquatic notes, and base notes of fig tree, woodsy notes, oriental notes and sunny notes.  This fragrance reminds me of a very girly perfume that has blossomed into womanhood.

Womanity is a sweet fragrance but not on the side of a cotton-candy, gourmand type scent. It's rich and full of depth, and the scent hugs your body for hours after application. The sillage is amazing, and I have received so many compliments when I wear this scent whether it's the body milk or the eau de parfum.

Everything about Womanity screams opulence and femininity. The chiseled glass bottle is topped by an antique pewter decoration with the face of a woman. The chain ring that forms the top itself is attached to the bottle by a delicate chain. The fragrance itself is a delicate pink and the combination is somewhere between femininity and gothic mystery. I am absolutely in love with this fragrance. It lasts forever and it smells amazingly sexy and feminine without being a little-girl scent. Thank heaven the bottle is refillable. I'll be using this one for a long time!

I would urge you to layer this scent for the full experience. Thankfully, Thierry Mugler Womanity is available in a body milk as well as a body lotion, body cream and shower gel. The fragrance is available in 2.7, 1.7  and .33 fl oz sizes as well as several gift options.

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True Religion edgy but doesn't last

True Religion perfumeTrue Religion, a jeanswear company, released True Religion perfume for women in 2008 and it is available in 50mL and 100mL size bottles as an eau de parfum. What comes to mind for me at the first scent is a sweet, citrus melding that is very fresh, crisp and clean smelling with just the slightest touch of a woodsy note to it.

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Ralph Lauren's Big Pony #2 is your ideal olfactory wingman

Ralph Lauren Big Pony #2Number two in Ralph Lauren's striking new Big Pony quartet, this scent turns up the heat with a stylish fire-red flacon and a smouldering juice to boot!

Touted as the more "sensual" fragrance in this lineup, Big Pony #2 is an unconventional play on rich chocolate, fragrant lavender and seductive musks.

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Marc Jacobs Bang packs a piquant punch

Marc Jacobs BangThe year 2010 saw designer Marc Jacobs launch the knockout scent BANG … a decidedly masculine fragrance with plenty of clout.

Opening with an "in-your-face" suckerpunch of pepper, BANG cuts right to the chase and takes no prisoners! This piquant right hook lands right at the back of the nose … black, pink and white peppercorns prickle there with radiant warmth.

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Baby Rose Jeans by Versace is delicate and memorable

Baby Rose Jeans perfumeLaunched in 1995, Baby Rose Jeans by Gianni Versace is a light, floral scent.  The top notes include bergamot, lemon, peach, and green notes. Middle notes are carnation, ylang-ylang, orchid, orris.  Sandalwood, cedar, vanilla, and vetiver are the bottom notes.
For me, the notes combine to a very soft floral scent with a touch of baby powder.  With the name baby in the title, some might assume that this scent is made for children or teenagers; however, I think that if you love floral fragrances that are delicate with a touch of innocence, Baby Rose Jeans is a scent you need to try.

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Guerlain's Flora Nymphea is spirited, warm and screams summer

Guerlain Flora NympheaIn 1999 Guerlain launched the very first of its Aqua Allegorias: each of which are individual perfume allegories that explore certain notes and ideas. Now, more than a decade later, there are approximately 27 Allegorias in the line, and more will soon follow.
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Burberry Brit easily a classic signature scent

Burberry Brit perfumeYears ago, I stumbled on a gorgeous mini skirt in a classic tartan pattern and I was instantly hooked on the style. After much researching, I discovered that the gorgeous skirt was from Burberry. Burberry, the British luxury fashion house known for fashion, introduced its first fragrance - Burberry for Men - in 1981. Today, Burberry offers a complete line of fragrances, including the wildly popular Burberry Brit perfume for women.

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Vetiver Extreme is perfect for the basketball court and the bedroom

Guerlain Vetiver ExtremeVetiver is a raw material that has been used in perfumery since the very beginning of time. It is favored for both its grassy greenness and its very earthy roots. Vetiver Extreme is the intense version of one of Guerlain's oldest and most loved men's fragrances.
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JLo's Glow Shimmer a vibrant scent for the dancefloor

JLO Glow Shimmer perfumeBeing the mom of two teenagers, it's no surprise I've heard of JLo. Jennifer Lopez, the actress, singer, record producer, dancer, "American Idol" judge, fashion designer and television producer, is best known in my house for her music - most notably her recently released "On the Floor" performed with rapper Pitbull. And now, JLo Glow Shimmer perfume ... at least for me!

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Molinard's Habanita a nice contrast of sweet and rugged

Molinard Habanita perfumeCreated in 1924 by the house of Molinard, Habanita was originally intended to perfume cigarettes -- not skin! Molinard created this scent to be dabbed along the side of an unlit cigarette so that when smoked, it would release a lasting and enduring aroma. Somewhere along its timeline, however, it seems it was dabbed on wrists and necks too.

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