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JLo's Glow Shimmer a vibrant scent for the dancefloor

JLO Glow Shimmer perfumeBeing the mom of two teenagers, it's no surprise I've heard of JLo. Jennifer Lopez, the actress, singer, record producer, dancer, "American Idol" judge, fashion designer and television producer, is best known in my house for her music - most notably her recently released "On the Floor" performed with rapper Pitbull. And now, JLo Glow Shimmer perfume ... at least for me!

I'd never tried a JLo perfume before so when I saw the Glow Shimmer limited edition shimmering eau de toilette spray, I was intrigued. The only real difference between Glow Shimmer and Glow is the shimmer. Loving anything glittery, I enjoyed this touch immensely. It's not super noticeable ...  just a gentle shimmer that you can see against your skin when you look for it.

The shimmer limited edition perfume comes in an iridescent box with a cut-out that highlights the stylized, crystal-adorned Glow charm that hangs around the neck of the bottle. The charm could be worn on a chain if you like. The perfume itself is a pale peach color with a slightly pearlized look to it.

Glow Shimmer is a floral, fruity fragrance with tones of citrus, neroli, rose, amber, musk, sandalwood, jasmine and vanilla. The overall scent is a fresh, clean and soapy fragrance. Glow is targeted toward young adults in their teens and early 20s.

JLo's limited edition Shimmer was meant for the dancefloor. Enhanced by the pulsating lights, the shimmer is the star of the show.

I like the scent itself although what is most notable to me is the soapy aroma. It's a fresh, clean, light fragrance that's more suitable for daytime wear for a younger woman.  

I would definitely recommend layering this perfume with the body lotion because the scent is very light.  It faded away much too quickly on me and I really had a difficult time noticing it much after two hours. Even my husband, who generally has a great nose for my new scents, didn't pick up on this one.  

If I was going for this scent again, I'd choose the body lotion and wear it head to toe. That way I could enjoy the fragrance and the overall effect of the shimmer. Then I could refresh with a few spritzes of the eau de toilette as needed.

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