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Marc Jacobs Bang packs a piquant punch

Marc Jacobs BangThe year 2010 saw designer Marc Jacobs launch the knockout scent BANG … a decidedly masculine fragrance with plenty of clout.

Opening with an "in-your-face" suckerpunch of pepper, BANG cuts right to the chase and takes no prisoners! This piquant right hook lands right at the back of the nose … black, pink and white peppercorns prickle there with radiant warmth.

Next, a left hook packed with fragrant woods (what feels like oak and cedar) comes out of nowhere and manages to surprise. The woody/peppery accords make for a solid tag-team of top notes in this heavyweight sparring match.

Then, from below, an unanticipated uppercut of smokey benzoin which lends a resinous quality to the scent. This is followed by a finishing blow of vetiver root and earthy patchouli … where your face firmly meets the ground.

This olfactory blitz will leave you breathless and dizzy with the wish to step back in the ring again. BANG is a resolutely male scent which will appeal to many for its brawny woody, spicy offensive.

Marc Jacobs' BANG is packaged in a slick and desirable crumpled mirrored flacon which would take pride of place among your many other bathroom "trophies."

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