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Guerlain's Flora Nymphea is spirited, warm and screams summer

Guerlain Flora NympheaIn 1999 Guerlain launched the very first of its Aqua Allegorias: each of which are individual perfume allegories that explore certain notes and ideas. Now, more than a decade later, there are approximately 27 Allegorias in the line, and more will soon follow.

Flora Nymphea
was an anniversary edition released in 2010 to mark 10 years of Aqua Allegoria. It is much-loved for its elegant, ageless quality.

Guerlain's house symbol is the bee - a monarchial motif that one will find on the gold-colored cap of Flora Nymphea, and I feel it a very fitting emblem. Flora Nymphea is a scent that epitomizes solar warmth and rousing perfumed blossoms in a glorious summer garden.

This perfume has a nectar-like feel - rich, lavish and generous - and is composed of three key notes of lilac, orange flower and white honey. These seasonal components evoke vivid images of long afternoons snoozing in a hammock with a book on your chest while lazy, humming bumblebees float from blossom to blossom.

Despite its thick, ambrosial quality, Flora Nymphea is spirited and warm, and will appeal to young and old by bringing a sense of equatorial warmth to any given day of the year.
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