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Costume National 21: A bewitching fragrance

Costume National 21 fragranceLaunched in 2007 to mark the milestone of 21 years in the fragrance business, Costume National 21 is an avant garde scent that is like a sheep in wolf's clothing. Despite its beautiful minimalist bone-white flacon, the contents will bewitch and surprise!

This perfume contains 21 individual fragrance notes and accords which run the gamut from cold milk and fragrant saffron to royal jelly and smoky oud! What may at first seem like an arbitrary mix of ingredients will in actual fact intoxicate the senses and capture your imagination.

21 opens with a crisp scattering of orange blossoms that are resting over a comforting lactic milk accord. It transforms swiftly into something warm and really rather complex; saffron, pepper, cashmere wood, musk and amber all lend their radiant heat to the formula.

Wisps of labdanum, resins, and oud contribute a balsamic richness… the marriage of which is a little like a smoky tobacco accord. However, there is also an ever-present softness that is furnished by smooth vanilla, sandalwood and creamy tonka all acting as fixatives, allowing this scent to rest on the skin for the better part of an entire day.

Costume National 21 is a fragrance just waiting to be discovered by both men and women who like to celebrate their uniqueness.

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