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Fragrance Review: Chloé perfume has a heart of rose

Chloe perfumeIn 2008, renowned noses Michel Almairac and Amandine Marie resurrected the Chloé perfumes brand with their collaborative work on the most feminine of feminine fragrances: Chloé.

A far cry from the 1970's scent of the same name, Chloé (2008) pays hommage to all that is soft, innocent and ladylike. It is a beautiful rose scent with a delicate antiquated twist.

This perfume embraces all the whimsical charm of a Jane Austen novel … where young ladies of the landed gentry are pursued and wooed by dashing suitors in top hats and tails. It opens with a scattering of pink peonies, lily of the valley and purple freesias … bouquets of flowers that evoke feelings of wistfulness, romance and purity.

At its heart, lies a charming rose accord - one that is powdery and blossoming in nude-pastel hues. Magnolias add a mildly carnal spiciness over a honeyed amber/cedarwood base. Chloé dances over the line between being juvenile and mature … she is modest and chaste, but also unwaveringly sophisticated.

Chloé eau de parfum has exceptionally good persistence, and leaves a gently perfumed wake behind you. Presented in a stunning art-deco inspired flacon, it is a perfume to be cherished.

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