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Bizarre Beauty: The Artful Brow

Fragrance and fashion go hand and hand, and when we see some bizarre beauty happening on the runways, we can't help but exploit it.  Bizarre beauty for this week, get the grind on the artful brow, you know, the beaded, bedazzled, bleached, bushy brow.  One of the most well known looks is the Chanel pearl and beaded eyebrow look from Fall 2012. The creative director who was behind that mastermind got everyone talking this past fashion week, but with anything coutoure, most likely, it will never make it's way on to the streets. Would you wear such a thing?

Bleached brows are another hot topic, from the look at Gucci's Fall 2012 show to Lara Stone's bleached brows, the trend is showing through on lots of runway shows but again, not a look we'd try at home.

Bushy brows aren't as bizarre, but the unkempt, natural look is an absolute beauty trend we would try, unlike the bleached or beadazzled looks.

How far would you go when getting playful with the artful brow?

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Brad Pitt is the New Pretty Face of Chanel No. 5

The first male face of Chanel No. 5, and the brand goes with Brad Pitt.  Is Chanel becoming a risk taker or do you think they made a smart decision with this one? Can Brad Pitt compare with one of the most famous of the iconic perfume's ambassador, Marilyn Monroe? 

Time will tell, but Chanel announced yesterday that the launch of the new ad will feature a male, Hollywood heart throb, and a long haired Mr. Pitt.

Rumor has it that a possible man version of the perfume could be in the works, but Chanel neither confirmed or denied that report.

What are your thoughts on the new face of Chanel No. 5...and do you think a male Chanel No. 5 is in the works? We sure hope so!

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Celebrity Guests Attending the 2012 FiFi Fragrance Awards

As if you don't already know, the FiFi Awards are considered the "Oscars" of the fragrance industry and we are more than thrilled (and super anxious) to see who won in the oh -so-many amazing categories created. Anyways, the excitement will continue to build up for us and many others until May 21st, the night of the award ceremony, but until then, we'll continue to update you with anything and everything we hear!

Photo Courtesy: Fragrance Foundation via

It has just been announced which celebrity guests are attending the FiFi Awards.  This year, it's host actress Jane Lynch is a given, as well as honoree Justin Bieber, but what about the other celebs? Special guests include, Carol Alt, Sam Champion, Philippe Cousteau, Josh Groban, Leonard A. Lauder, Michelle Monaghan, Nicole Richie, Kimora Lee Simmons, Jessica Stam, Martha Stewart, Allison Williams and more.


Want to win two tickets to this year's FiFi Award gala, plus have the chance to meet Jane Lynch, bid now at


Have a say on who wins and be a part of it all, vote now!


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New Fragrance: DKNY's Dessert Inspired Perfumes

Sweet smelling fragrances have always been e a popular fave with perfume and fragrance fanatics, but check out these new scents by DKNY that will you have you drooling...literally!

DKNY has recently launched a series of dessert-inspired perfumes, Pink macaroon, Creamy Meringue, and Key Lime pie are amaze-balls in our book and we can't wait to take a bite out of these delish scented fragrances! If you want to smell good enough to eat, spray a little of one of these; plus, how cute is this...ready for the icing on the cake?  Every bottle comes with a free recipe, love it! Foodie and fragrance lovers, behold, DKNY's dessert inspired perfumes are surely a sweet addition to their fragrance line.

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New Fragrance: Angel Schlesser Pirouette

Dancers around the world, the time has come, there is finally a fragrance inspired by the world of ballet. Ballet looks beautiful, it's graceful, full of sophistication and simply put, it's pleasant to watch. However, if you've ever taken a class, you'll know it takes a lot of skill, technique, it's a lot of of hard work, dedication, and takes a massive amounth strength, physically and mentally. 

This fragrance, Pirouette, exemplifies just that, with notes including bergamot, black currant, plum, rose, freesia, iris, lily of the valley,  orchid, jasmine, cocoa beans, white musk, amber, cedar, vanilla, and patchouli.  Lots of sweet notes mixed with some spice, a perfect way to describe ballet dance, and most of all the dance term for a turn, pirouette.

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The Avengers has a COLOGNE

What if we told you, you can smell like your favorite super hero? Talk about perfect timing, with the Avengers out this year, the cologne and perfume company, JADS lets you with their 'Spring 2012 Cologne Set for Marvel's The Avengers', featuring four heroic fragrances and three other scents, available seperately, these fragrances are packed with punch.

Included in the pack, you can choose from Patriot cologne, Mark VII cologne, Worthy cologne, or SMASH! Not into those super power inspired scents? Maybe Black Widow perfume, Infinity Formula cologne, or Mischief cologne suits you best.

Each fragrance has a different super hero inspiration and is made to compliment the range of emotions the characters portray.
Can you see yourself or someone you know wearing these new scents?  

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Introducing The Goodsmellas: Male Fragrance Fanatics

Since you follow us on Twitter and read our blog posts, you're most likely a fragrance fanatic, yes? Well fanatics, can you beat the Goodsmellas, a group of males who are too, fragrance fanatics?

These NY guys are a group of serious perfume collectors who post online perfume reviews about their favorite (and not so favorite) scents. Before you go and judge a man by a scent, (which is a good judgement call, we think), The Goodsmellas have been said to only be able to wear their colognes and scents when they're home, because when they're on their day job, they just can't. So how does this make them a real fragrance fanatic? And what exactly is their day job?

The Goodsmellas consist of NYPD police officers, firefighters, and even work for the government.  Police officers by day and male fragrance fanatics by night, amazing. So why can't these guys wear it on the job?

 "If you're in uniform, wearing a bulletproof vest and the gear, you can get really hot. I've learned the hard way that you really need to wear something light. Otherwise I'll choke myself out, standing on a parade route baking in the sun in something heavy."

So go on ahead and take a peek at some hunky men talking about some amazing smelling cologne on their Youtube channel, and don't forget to embrace and enjoy that 'New Yawk' accent!


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Abercrombie & Fitch to Sue Beyonce

How dare Beyonce not take into consideration Abercrombie & Fitch's Fierce fragrance when planning to create her Sasha Fierce perfume.  That's right, Abercrombie and Fitch is taking legal action with Beyonce for the 'fierce' title.

Last week, Beyonce anounced that she would be teaming up with fragrance maker COTY to create her own fragrance, named after her alter ego, Sasha Fierce, which is supposed to reflect her inner power.

Maybe it's us, tell us if you disagree, but Sasha Fierce seemingly has been more well known and around a lot longer than Abercrombie and Fitch's Fierce scent (whatever that may be) .

Do you think Abercrombie and Fitch will be able to stop the production and release of Beyonce's new fragrance?

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New Fragrance: Michael Kors Suede

"There are few things in the world that embody so well the signature elements of my collections,” says Michael Kors about his new fragrance. “Suede is sporty and sexy and feels incredible on the skin, but it can also add a great unexpected twist when you’re thinking of what’s luxurious.”

Notes include a top notes of tuberose flower and notes of lily of the valley, michelia flower, mandarin, creamy woods, and alluring musks.


Photo Courtesy: Michael Kors via

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Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding Scent

Since you already know how important we think it is to consider the right scent on your wedding day, we just had to share with you once we found out what Kate Middleton wore on her Royal Wedding day.  The wedding itself was probably the most talked about wedding of the century and hats off to the royal couple, Kate and Prince William for hitting their one year anniversary mark. 

While there was a ton of talk about her wedding dress, designers and bridal stores mimicking the look, we still can't get over the fact that she did her own wedding make up and now with good authority, know her wedding fragrance was in fact Illuminum's White Gardenia Petals.  The brand is British and holds exquisite fragrances, made up of the finest esseces and extracts.  No wonder she chose to wore a fragrance such as this on her special day. Would you wear Illuminum's White Gardenia Petals now that you know Kate Middleton wore it on her wedding day?

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