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Brad Pitt is the New Pretty Face of Chanel No. 5

The first male face of Chanel No. 5, and the brand goes with Brad Pitt.  Is Chanel becoming a risk taker or do you think they made a smart decision with this one? Can Brad Pitt compare with one of the most famous of the iconic perfume's ambassador, Marilyn Monroe? 

Time will tell, but Chanel announced yesterday that the launch of the new ad will feature a male, Hollywood heart throb, and a long haired Mr. Pitt.

Rumor has it that a possible man version of the perfume could be in the works, but Chanel neither confirmed or denied that report.

What are your thoughts on the new face of Chanel No. 5...and do you think a male Chanel No. 5 is in the works? We sure hope so!

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