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New Fragrance: Angel Schlesser Pirouette

Dancers around the world, the time has come, there is finally a fragrance inspired by the world of ballet. Ballet looks beautiful, it's graceful, full of sophistication and simply put, it's pleasant to watch. However, if you've ever taken a class, you'll know it takes a lot of skill, technique, it's a lot of of hard work, dedication, and takes a massive amounth strength, physically and mentally. 

This fragrance, Pirouette, exemplifies just that, with notes including bergamot, black currant, plum, rose, freesia, iris, lily of the valley,  orchid, jasmine, cocoa beans, white musk, amber, cedar, vanilla, and patchouli.  Lots of sweet notes mixed with some spice, a perfect way to describe ballet dance, and most of all the dance term for a turn, pirouette.

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