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New Fragrance: DKNY's Dessert Inspired Perfumes

Sweet smelling fragrances have always been e a popular fave with perfume and fragrance fanatics, but check out these new scents by DKNY that will you have you drooling...literally!

DKNY has recently launched a series of dessert-inspired perfumes, Pink macaroon, Creamy Meringue, and Key Lime pie are amaze-balls in our book and we can't wait to take a bite out of these delish scented fragrances! If you want to smell good enough to eat, spray a little of one of these; plus, how cute is this...ready for the icing on the cake?  Every bottle comes with a free recipe, love it! Foodie and fragrance lovers, behold, DKNY's dessert inspired perfumes are surely a sweet addition to their fragrance line.

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