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Introducing The Goodsmellas: Male Fragrance Fanatics

Since you follow us on Twitter and read our blog posts, you're most likely a fragrance fanatic, yes? Well fanatics, can you beat the Goodsmellas, a group of males who are too, fragrance fanatics?

These NY guys are a group of serious perfume collectors who post online perfume reviews about their favorite (and not so favorite) scents. Before you go and judge a man by a scent, (which is a good judgement call, we think), The Goodsmellas have been said to only be able to wear their colognes and scents when they're home, because when they're on their day job, they just can't. So how does this make them a real fragrance fanatic? And what exactly is their day job?

The Goodsmellas consist of NYPD police officers, firefighters, and even work for the government.  Police officers by day and male fragrance fanatics by night, amazing. So why can't these guys wear it on the job?

 "If you're in uniform, wearing a bulletproof vest and the gear, you can get really hot. I've learned the hard way that you really need to wear something light. Otherwise I'll choke myself out, standing on a parade route baking in the sun in something heavy."

So go on ahead and take a peek at some hunky men talking about some amazing smelling cologne on their Youtube channel, and don't forget to embrace and enjoy that 'New Yawk' accent!


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