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Marc Jacobs Bang packs a piquant punch

Marc Jacobs BangThe year 2010 saw designer Marc Jacobs launch the knockout scent BANG … a decidedly masculine fragrance with plenty of clout.

Opening with an "in-your-face" suckerpunch of pepper, BANG cuts right to the chase and takes no prisoners! This piquant right hook lands right at the back of the nose … black, pink and white peppercorns prickle there with radiant warmth.

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Guerlain's Flora Nymphea is spirited, warm and screams summer

Guerlain Flora NympheaIn 1999 Guerlain launched the very first of its Aqua Allegorias: each of which are individual perfume allegories that explore certain notes and ideas. Now, more than a decade later, there are approximately 27 Allegorias in the line, and more will soon follow.
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Kids' perfumes: controversial or not?

When I was 11, I wore my first cologne … quite unintentionally I might add. My mother, while applying a few generous splashes to my stepfather's jaw, swooped in over me and dried her hands on my cheeks. I recoiled in horror, wincing and gagging and flapping my arms for added effect. But when I retreated to my bedroom (slamming my door in a little mock-huff), I revelled in the aroma, and for a moment, felt very "grown up." The cologne was Drakkar Noir.
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Vetiver Extreme is perfect for the basketball court and the bedroom

Guerlain Vetiver ExtremeVetiver is a raw material that has been used in perfumery since the very beginning of time. It is favored for both its grassy greenness and its very earthy roots. Vetiver Extreme is the intense version of one of Guerlain's oldest and most loved men's fragrances.
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Molinard's Habanita a nice contrast of sweet and rugged

Molinard Habanita perfumeCreated in 1924 by the house of Molinard, Habanita was originally intended to perfume cigarettes -- not skin! Molinard created this scent to be dabbed along the side of an unlit cigarette so that when smoked, it would release a lasting and enduring aroma. Somewhere along its timeline, however, it seems it was dabbed on wrists and necks too.

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Still a hit, CK One is a summer essential

CK One Calvin KleinMost people, at some time or another, have been introduced to CK OneCalvin Klein's best-selling fragrance chock full of universal appeal. Few scents have managed to unite the sexes in the same way CK One does.

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Designer vs niche fragrances: What's the difference?

'Fess up. Have you occasionally heard the term "niche" thrown around in perfume-related banter, and not entirely understood what it means? Well, there's no shame in it at all … we hope to clarify a term that has now become an industry buzzword.

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8 Father's Day fragrance picks

Father's Day fragrancesWith Father's Day just around the corner, we’re here to help you make some educated choices when buying fragrance for the big man. We know fathers can be notoriously hard to shop for, but fortunately, they can also be quite easy to please. Forget the socks and the hankies, and give Dad the gift of scent! Here are our top picks for Dad for June 19th.
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La Prairie's Silver Rain is lip-smacking gourmand goodness

La Prairie Silver Rain perfumeTouted as one of the most expensive fragrances available on the mainstream market when it was first launched in 2005, Silver Rain perfume is adored by women whom luxuriate in its rich, lip-smacking gourmand goodness.

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Fragrance review: Molinard Homme II bold and assertive

Molinard Homme II fragrance for menIn 2009, the celebrated French perfume house Molinard celebrated 160 years of perfume production, and it remains to this day France's oldest entirely family-run business. With hundreds of scents to their credit, Molinard Homme II is a standout masculine fragrance that is proof positive of Molinard's vast and enduring heritage.

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