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White Patchouli full of contradictions and surprises

Tom Ford White Patchouli fragrancePatchouli oil was worn to excess in the 1970s, in an age where free love and psychedelic "counterculturalism" was the norm. Now some 30 years later, Tom Ford has borrowed from this revolutionary time, and reworked patchouli into something very different.

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Amber is the star attraction in Gaultier 2

Jean Paul Gaultier Gaultier 2 fragranceIt would seem everything that fashion meistro Jean Paul Gaultier touches turns to gold! Following the colossal success of his global fragrance triumphs Le Male and Classique, Jean Paul Gaultier decided to release his first unisex scent; Gaultier 2 (to the power of two) in 2005.

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S.T. Dupont Noir for men is bold and commanding

St Dupont Noir cologne for menS.T. Dupont is perhaps best known for its luxury metallic lighters and high-end writing instruments, but few are aware that this brand has a vast heritage that spans more than 100 years! In 2006 S.T. Dupont launched the bold and commanding masculine scent Noir.

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Thierry Mugler Angel: lip-smacking yet sophisticated

Thierry Mugler Angel perfumeThierry Mugler's Angel descended onto the world's stage in 1992 as the perfume that popularized the gourmand genre, which bought delicious food-like qualities to fragrance. To this day, Angel is a lip-smacking yet sophisticated blend of dewy berries, creamy vanilla, warm honey, dark chocolate and golden caramel which evoke happy recollections of youthful days spent at candy stores and fairgrounds.

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