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Fragrance review: Molinard Homme II bold and assertive

Molinard Homme II fragrance for menIn 2009, the celebrated French perfume house Molinard celebrated 160 years of perfume production, and it remains to this day France's oldest entirely family-run business. With hundreds of scents to their credit, Molinard Homme II is a standout masculine fragrance that is proof positive of Molinard's vast and enduring heritage.

Part of a trio of men's Molinard releases, Pour Homme II is a sensual woody fragrance that evokes a feeling of immediate presence; it is bold, polished and assertive.

A delicate blend of juniper, Brazilian orange and Sicilian bergamot provide an aromatic/citrus opening before a heart of warm cedar and bourbon vanilla shifts to the fore. While the citruses are ever-present, there is a dry masculine huskiness at hand, thanks in part to a masterful blend of vetiver, patchouli and a "dry hay" note.

If one could liken Molinard Pour Homme II to another men's fragrance, it would likely be Yves Saint Laurent's Kouros or Gaultier's Fleur du Male … both of which also enjoy citrus facets and a similar dryness at their hearts. This scent would be ideal for work, or formal and semi-formal occasions.

With this eau de toilette, exceptionally good value for money can be found. Pour Homme II is a well-kept secret … a scented weapon found in the fragrance arsenal of many a Frenchman! Ooh-la-la!

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