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Bieber's Someday perfume slated to break records at Macy's

Justin Bieber Someday perfumeMove over, Britney and Beyonce. Justin's in the house now. According to Women's Wear Daily, Justin Bieber's Someday perfume is slated to outsell both divas' scents at Macy's department stores.

Beyonce's Heat currently holds the Macy's record at $3 million in sales its first month. Some reports are saying that Justin's Someday will garner upward of $30 million.
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Look for JLo's new fragrance Saturday on HSN

This Saturday, July 2, Jennifer Lopez will launch her newest fragrance - Love and Light - exclusively on the Home Shopping Network. Lopez will appear on the show, beginning at midnight.

"Love & Light is an extension of Love & Glamour. It's the next incarnation. With Love& Light, I wanted to create a fragrance that was less about the world around you and more about your inner light and your spirit. It's about how you feel inside; it's not about your outside world," explains Lopez in a press release

Last summer Mary J. Blige's My Life perfume sold a record 50,000 bottles in one day on HSN.

"Jennifer's fragrance will simply come alive through her appearance on HSN. It's a true reflection of who she is, and we know our audience is going to love hearing from her on what influenced the creation of this fragrance," says Betsy Olum, general manager of beauty and merchandising strategy at HSN.
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Eva Mendes becomes official face of Thierry Mugler Angel

Eva Mendes Thierry Mugler AngelEva Mendes made her first official appearance in New York as the new face of Thierry Mugler's Angel perfume last week. The starlet was wearing a Thierry Mugler pearl gown.

Naomi Watts, the former face of the iconic fragrance, was there to hand over the reigns to Mendes.

Mendes is not new to the fragrance world. She was tapped by Calvin Klein in 2008 to be the face of its Secret Obsession perfume. The ad was racy, per usual for Calvin Klein, and selectively banned. (Getty Images)
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Chaos ensues at Justin Bieber's fragrance launch

In an effort to protect Justin Bieber from a potential tween mob scene at New York's flagship Macy's store on Thursday, a security guard hopped a baricade and threw the pop star to the ground, according to witnesses at the event. Before realizing the man was in fact a security guard for Bieber, the police issued him a summons for disorderly conduct. The police deny that Bieber was ever touched, according to a story in USA Today. Either way, Bieber was unharmed during the incident.
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Justin Bieber officially launches Someday fragrance in NY

Justin Bieber SomedayAbout 300 squealing girls huddled around Macy's at 34th Street and Broadway in New York City on Wednesday anticipating their chance to meet Justin Bieber today during a meet-and-greet to officially launch his new fragrance, Someday. Bieber appeared in a segment on "The Late Show with David Letterman" on Wednesday. "The Beebs" got to read Letterman's Top 10 list. (Getty Images)
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Mercedes Benz rolling out fragrance line

Mercedes Benz has signed a licensing agreement with the INCC Group to develop and launch a fragrance line. Mercedes is no stranger to the fashion world, although this will mark the luxury automotive line's foray into fragrance. We expect nothing less than class and style.
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Britney Spears is back with Cosmic Radiance

JLo isn't the only one back with a new album and fragrance (see previous news post). It was recently announced by MoodieReport that Britney Spears is launching a new scent in August. The pop star, who has successfully rebounded from a downward spiral a few years ago, is back ... with a new album and a new fragrance - Cosmic Radiance.
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5 fragrances every woman should own

In an ideal world, all women would own a bottle of Chanel No. 5. In 1921, Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel tasked perfumer Ernest Beaux with creating a fragrance that would define women. Nearly 100 years later, Chanel No. 5 remains the top-selling perfume in the world. Why is it called Chanel No. 5? Because it took Beaux five attempts to get it just the way Coco Chanel wanted it.
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Jennifer Lopez launching new fragrance on HSN

Jennifer Lopez is on fire these days. In addition to her role as "American Idol" judge, she released a new chart-topping song, "On the Floor," and now is set to launch her 17th JLo fragrance -- Love and Light!

Lopez will launch her fragrance on the Home Shopping Network on July 2. The pop diva will be fielding the calls herself. Love and Light will only be available on HSN until early fall.
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