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5 Things No Girl Can Live Without

1. Good lotion
– Your skin is everything so take care of it. There are lots of great moisturizers out there – we suggest you try Clarins beauty products.

2. Her favorite perfume – Any girl will tell you, one simple spray of her favorite perfume and it can feel like a brand new day.

3. Lip Gloss
– Smack some of this on and your smile always gets brighter. With so many flavors these days, there’s one for every girl.

4. Jewelry
– Whether it's your favorite necklace, bracelet or ring, it’s important to always remember your signature piece. It may be 24k gold, sterling silver or a great piece of costume jewelry but either way we love it.

5. The latest issue of your favorite magazine – Waiting for a train or taking your lunch break can be a much better time with the latest issue of your favorite magazine. So make sure you always have the latest copy of Glamour, Cosmo or Women’s Day.
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