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Fragrances a royal wedding staple

Curious as to what fragrances Prince William and Kate Middleton will be wearing on their wedding day? Rumors are swirling that the royal couple will wear their own official wedding scents, created specifically for them by perfumer Kim Weisswange, who has worked with Madonna and Vivienne Westwood. (AP photo)

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Tips for keeping warm-weather skin fresh and healthy

Summer is just around the corner. If you haven't already, pull out the sunscreen. Just because the sun isn't putting off its most intense heat yet doesn't mean your skin isn't soaking it in -- and drying out. 
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Vote now for your favorite fragrances

Fragrance Foundation Fifi AwardsDo you love fragrance? Want to have a hand in selecting this year’s FiFi fragrance award winners? Now you can, thanks to the Fragrance Foundation’s new “2011 Consumers’ Choice FiFi Awards” online voting tool for consumers. You can vote for your favorite men’s and women’s fragrances; the winners will be presented a crystal FiFi statuette at the awards ceremony on May 25. Voting continues now through May 12.
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Nicki Minaj wants to launch fragrance for the 'sensual' woman

Nicki Minaj plans to launch her own perfume in the near future. The rap diva told Allure magazine recently that she wants to create a scent that is "light, but strongly recognizable." Details about the fragrance aren’t available yet, but Minaj told Allure she likes the idea of a scent that appeals to the sensual woman. Minaj will be joining Britney Spears on tour this summer.
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Watch a seductive Vincent Cassel in YSL's latest fragrance ad

Vincent Cassel is starring in Yves Saint Laurent's latest fragrance ad as the face of La Nuit de L’Homme. Directed once again by "Black Swan's" Darren Aronofsky, Cassel is shown seducing three beautiful women in Paris. The commercial does a stellar job at capturing the essence of La Nuit de L'Homme which, according to YSL, is "wildly sensual" and "magnetic." 

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Elizabeth Taylor tops the list of best-selling celebrity fragrances

Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds perfume sits at the No. 1 spot - again - on Euromonitor International's list of top-selling celebrity perfumes for 2010. White Diamonds garnered $54 million, a big chunk of the overall $215 million brought in by the top 10 fragrances, according to Forbes.com. Next up was Derek Jeter's Driven with $27 million in sales, followed closely by Beyonce's Heat at $21 million.

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Give Mom the gift of fragrance this Mother's Day

Good ol' Mom. Few of your friends would stick by you if you had an infectious disease, but in trying situations Mom doesn't even bat an eyelid. This May, we pay hommage to the maternal figures in our life and honor them with heartfelt gestures of appreciation. What better gift to give than the gift of perfume?
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Survey: Women would give up sex, jeans for beauty products

Women were given a choice between giving up sex for a week or their favorite beauty product in a recent survey by L'Bel USA. It's not surprising that sex took the back seat on this one. The one that surprised me, though, was that they would give up their favorite pair of jeans or shoes. I'm not sure I could ever give up my comfy jeans just to keep my MAC foundation.
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FiFi Awards UK tonight! Follow live tweets

Update: Check the Twitter feed for winners of the FiFi UK Awards!

FiFi Awards London tonight...@FiFiAwards_uk will be tweeting the winners live as they're announced! Just follow #FiFiAwards_UK on Twitter.

Nominees include Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani, Bleu de Chanel by Chanel, Bang by Marc Jacobs, Belle D'Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, and Beyonce Heat. Click here for a full list of FiFi Award UK nominees.
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Chat live with Kim Kardashian about new fragrance, Gold

Want to chat with Kim Kardashian? You can -- today. Kim will be chatting with Celebuzz via Twitter tonight at 7 p.m. EST. Kim is going to be answering questions about her newest fragrance, Gold, which will be richer and bolder than her signature fragrance launched in 2009. (AP photo)

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