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Perfumes You Can Sip As Well as Sniff

You've done it before and you'll probably do it again, but tasting perfume is never a good thing...until now?
If you thought perfume was for your wrist, ears, and all other preferable pulse points, think again!  Mandy Aftel, former psychotherapist, makes edible and potable perfumes. 
The scents she creates are starting to show up in martinis, margaritas, and even some fancier concoctions..yum?
Where can you get a little bit of this pourable potion? The vials sit behind high-profile restaurant bars, all around the country, including NYC's PDT, Pegu Club, and Booker and Dax at Momofuku Ssam Bar.
According to the NY Times, Many bartenders believe the scents add one more dimension to the multisensory experience of a good drink.
In 2011, her creations were nominated for FiFi awards

Ms. Aftel says she's never experimented with the artificial ingredients that dominate the scent and flavor industries.

“It is the synthetic that stinks up the elevator,” she said. “I am not interested in scents that have that kind of staying power. A natural perfume costs more and disappears quickly, but while it lasts it’s extremely beautiful.”

Would you take a sip of cocktail slipped with this new and trendy perfume potion? 

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