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Library & Airport Scented Perfumes

There are a ton of fragrances out there, but who would think...a scent that smells like library and airports? Not a complete shocker after news on the fragrance that smells like a MAC book, remember that one, but still a little out there.

Whatever it is to smell like you're in a library, you can do just that with 'In the Library' perfume, a perfume made up of a warm blend of English novel, Russian and Moroccan leather bindings, worn cloth and a hint of wood polish. What is the scent of English novel? It is the scent copied from the perfumers favorite novel published originally in 1927.  It has a 'marvelous warm woody slightly sweet smell' and put to it to immediately bottle it.

And if that's not weird enough for you, smell like an airport! Yes, that's right...smell like your favorite destination spot, whether it be New York, Tokyo, London or Paris, with The Scent of Departure perfumes.

Photo Courtesy: The Scent of Departure

This new line of perfume was designed with baggage tags in mind, and corresponds with your favorite airport. Each has a scent of its own to remind you how and why you love this place or that. The bottle from Paris bring top scents of bergamot, orange, lemon and a base filled with white musk, rice powder, and blonde wood.
What airport destination would you choose to wear by The Scent of Departure?

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