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Versace to Launch Eros Men's Fragrance

Can you believe it's been 5 years since Versace has released it's last men's fragrance?! Versace Eros will launch later this month, first at the Tax Free World Exhibition in Cannes, France,and later launched in November in Italy.  Donatella Versace's inspiration behind it? Greek mythology! After delving deeply into the literature, the key to the scent's position is "unbridled sexual attraction".  

"This was very important for us,” she said this week of the scent developed by Versace’s fragrance licensee, Euroitalia. “I have focused a lot on men’s recently, and this was a chance to do something different for men, something that speaks of desire.”

“For me the fragrance is very iconic, it’s really the DNA of Versace,” added Donatella Versace. “We have the Greek motif that makes you think of ancient Greece and antiquity, mythology, and the color turquoise represents the Mediterranean. It’s very Versace.”

Photo Courtesy: Versace 

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