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Trend to Try: Braids

Thank heavens braids are 'back in style!  This simplistic hair look is, well simple to do, and there are SO many different varieities of the braid that you can probably get away with wearing a different braided look every day, for a week.

What's even more exciting about this look being 'on trend' now is that it's not about getting the that perfect bradided look anymore, but more of a sultry, sexy, messy braid. Take for example Alexander Wang's messy side bride, the look is effortless and simply gorgeous. Then we have Alexander McQueen to Zac Posen showing the same hair trend style too. We absolutely love it!

Ready to try the braid? Well, which one will you try first?

There are more than 10 types we know on and be amazed.

There's the English braid, which is the most common, basic braid we know of and comes to our mind first when someone mentions the word braid. Then there is the French braid, that is far too often worn by cheerleaders, sorry but it's true.  There's then the swiss braid, the crown braid, the dutch braid, the fishtail braid (OMG, we love), the micro braids, the corn row braids,  twist braids, and the list can literally go on and on.

So now that you know your options are there, which braid will you try first? Plus, check out how you can get that fave of ours, the fishtail braid look down pat, in a few easy steps!

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