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Tommy Eau De Prep cologne by Tommy Hilfiger

Design House: Tommy Hilfiger

Year Introduced: 2011

Fragrance Notes: grapefruit, clary sage, a splash of tonic water, and suede

You may have heard of eau de toilette or even an eau de parfum, but I bet you have never heard of an eau de prep.  Cute but a tad corny with the name, Tommy Hilfiger's Tommy Eau De Prep cologne is a, well, preppy eau de toilette spray for men.

With a classic look and preppy feel, I've never seen a Tommy Hilfiger cologne look so fresh. With notes of grapefruit, sage, tonic water and suede, this scent is fresh, classic, a bit sporty, and fresh.

A fun fragrance I can see a laid back young man wearing; someone who plans to head to a football game on the weekend or plans to sail his yacht with friends...all while wearing a popped collar shirt. Check out the video ad campaign for more fun!

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