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Stella Mccartney Honors Parents' Marriage With New Perfume

The fashion designer, Stella McCartney, honors her parents Paul Mccartney and Linda Eastman's near 30-year marriage with a new fragrance launch.
Stella Mccartney lost her mother in 1998 during a long battle with breast cancer, and though she is no longer with us, there is not a day that goes by that she still struggles with the loss of her mother's death.

Stella Mccartney's new fragrance, based on Paul Mccartney's nickname for his wife, L.I.L.Y, (also her favorite flower), was a huge inspiration during the process of creation.

She tells Harper's Bazaar, ""I've been hiding away from giving out information but, yes, that was my dad's nickname for my mum, and I always knew I wanted to create a fragrance called Lily. Lily of the valley was a flower my mum loved, and it's also one that I loved.

"I love that it represents spring, I love the way it looks, I love everything about it. It was my wedding bouquet, and it grows in our garden now... I have huge admiration for my mum. I think that I'm keeping alive some of the things she believed in and elaborating on that."

Photo Courtesy: Stella Mccartney

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