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Are you enough of a scent critic that you can be part of a new social media fragrance community? Fragrance Flight, an invitation only olfactory club is taking flight this fall under the founders, the Curators of haute parfumerie MiN New York in SoHo NYC.  50 respected fragrance and luxury experts have joined together to create Fragrance Flight's platform, fusing together features of popular social media hubs like Facebook, Pinterest, basenotes, nowsmellthis, etc.

"We stand on the threshold of a fragrance revolution. It's important to lead and serve our passion with other experts who genuinely care. Transforming virtual community islands into tangible, authentic moments centered on sensory exploration and curated lifestyle will facilitate how we gather, share, learn, and grow together. Fragrance Flight is custom tailored to serve the needs and desires of individuals who are serious about scent," said Founder Chad Murawczyk. "Communities are all about the people involved... By transcending organizational structures and boundaries, our influential collective will nurture and grow via diverse experiences, perspectives, and talents."

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