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Pitti Fragranze Announces 10th Edition Fragrance Trade Show

Time will soon arrive for the 10th edition of the Pitti Fragranze fragrance trade show, September 14th to 16th to be exact.  This time, there will be a stronger sense for an international push, with the theme "Buon Viaggio" which means have a nice trip.
According to WWD, organizers of the trade show said linking fragrances to luxury and lifestyle items, and balancing expansion of the fair with an exclusive product offering, were key to its success.
This year’s fair will showcase roughly 200 exhibitors, including brands such as Annick Goutal, Blood Concept, Eau d’Italie, Juliette Has a Gun and Testa Maura. The special section “Spring” will display new fragrance brands, while “Charms” will present a range of fashion accessories.

The mix of products is exciting news, but rest assured that the inclusion of new product categories are only there to complement the fragrances.  The chief exectuive officer of Pitti Immagine, Raffaello Napoleone, told WWD, We continue to represent high-quality merchandise at a time when many are offering more homologous products,” added Raffaello Napoleone, chief executive officer of Pitti Immagine. He said some other Italian fairs have suffered from exponential growth that made product selection “incoherent.”

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