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Narciso Rodriguez was on to a winner with his 2004 perfume release “For Her”, which took the world by storm! So in 2007, it was only fair that the Cuban-American fashion designer lured men into the fold with Narciso Rodriguez For Him.


Categorised as an Aromatic Fougere, For Him was a notable departure from the feminine floral / musk release... Rodriguez and nose Francis Kurkdjian referenced the powerhouse fougeres of the 80's whilst composing this. What they achieved was a head-turning masculine which is unrivaled in its uniqueness. For Him is also built around musk – it is the backbone of this perfume to which Kurkdjian has sown green violet leaves and dank, rooty patchouli. If the truth be told, this scent astonishes with its austerity and artistry... the only suggestion of warmth is given by a faint tendril of amber. The overall effect is like heavy clouds swollen with rain, damp, sodden undergrowth, and wet cement... which is not a bad thing! It is somewhat disarming and luxurious, in a uniquely avante garde kind of way.


Men looking for a fragrance that is beyond the norm need look no further. Rodriguez, once again, has triumphed with his keen eye for the unique and individual. For Him lasts many hours on skin, without the need to reapply.

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