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Museum For Fragrance Fanatics

Fragrance friends and fanatics, has what we've all been waiting for a dream come true? If you've ever dreamed of a Fragrance Museum, then, why yes, your dream has finally come true!

The Osmotheque, in Versailles, France, houses some of the oldest known perfumes, such as 1917's Chypre de Coty. 

What's the secret to preserving these vintage scents? It all makes complete sense to Jean Kerleo, the founder of the museum, who preserves the fragrances at 55 degrees and to futher to protect the perfumes, the bottles are filled with argan gas, keeping the air particles in the bottles from being contaminated from particles from the air.

Amazing? It's beyond that! With around 2,500 scents, Osmotheque also concentrates on re-creating the ancient perfumes.  It's been said that the founder, Kerleo, mixed a scent based on a recipe he found in the writings of a Roman schollar.  Crazy, right?

For more info on Osmotheque, check out their site here!

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