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Moschino Launches Pink Bouquet Scent

We love nothing more than to announce a launch of a new fragrance, and none the less, Moschino is launching another fragrance into the market, Pink Bouquet.  A flirty, fruity, floral scent, this fragrance will be on every young woman's wish and want list.

“One characteristic of our fragrances is the reference to a woman with a strong personality, sparkling and decisive,” said Rossella Jardini, Moschino creative director, adding: “I believe the freshness of this fragrance and its elegance are classic elements of the Moschino world.”

Who is the Moschino Pink Bouquet girl?
Moschino's licensee who developed the scent is Euroitalia, and their president Giovanni Sgariboldi defines her perfectly. “It’s for all women who think, love and live ‘in pink,".  Kendra Spears, the American model in the ad campaign and television commercial is the personification of Pink Bouquet: “bubbly but sweet and romantic at the same time.”

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