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Lyn Harris is head honcho and the chief driving force behind the London-based perfume house Miller Harris. Lyn completed her studies in Grasse before flinging her company doors open in 2000, and is widely revered for her interesting and unconventional compositions.

Fleurs de Sel (Salt Flowers) is her creation from 2007 which draws its inspiration from the small village called  Batz sur Mer in France - and in particular, the flora found growing around the local salt marshes.

From the bottle, one experiences a rush of rich, herbaceous greens… the lavish, botanical aspect is unmistakeable here, but moments later, soft tendrils of iris, narcissus and rose emerge to subdue the cartwheeling greens. A bitter leather facet shifts forward, and suddenly, one gleans a sense of saltiness… an unusual dryness that works incredibly well with the woody, vetiver, mossy base.

Fleurs de Sel  is definitely less about flowers, and more about fragrant provincial scrubland with the odour of salt evaporating in the saltpans. It simply gets better and better as it dries - and its resolutely genderless. Both men and women will enjoy this profound, sunny rendering of the Western coast of France.


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