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Lose Weight with Perfume

Just a little spray here, a lil dab there, soon you'll see, the pounds will start to spare. Really? Do you believe that perfume can help you lose weight? To us, it sounds crazy, so we just had to get our hands dirty and dig deep with this one.

Dr. Hirsch at the Smell & Taste Treatment & Research foundation conducted a study that consisted of four groups of men (about 50 of them) who all had to look at a woman and estimate how much she weighed. Sounds like fun? With each of the three groups, the woman was wearing one of three different types of fragrances (citrus floral, sweet pea/lily of the valley, and floral/spicy) and with one group, not wearing a fragrance at all.  When it was time for the weight estimates to be done, they found that the men estimated the woman who wore floral/spicy fragrances to weigh less than her actual weight. 

A dumb study if you ask us, totally..who cares how much a guy thinks we weigh, not I. But it get's us thinking, what does the floral/spicy scent trigger in a mans mind to make a woman look thinner? Dr. Hirsch, get on that one for your next study!

So you want to try this out? There are tons of floral/spicy fragrance that will suite you, why not try Gucci for women for an oriental/spicy scent, or Amarige by Givenchy for a soft, sweet, floral spice scent. Let us know your thoughts!

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