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Jean Paul Gaultier is now an iconic fashion figure, admired for his haute couture stylings and his perfumes which are still amongst some of the best-sellers of our age! Kokorico, launched in 2011, takes his fragrance fans on a new olfactory trajectory that focuses on lip-smacking cocoa and woody notes – a far cry from his iconic mint / lavender / vanilla scent, Le Male.

Kokorico has an energizing opening of fig leaf which rests upon a gourmand core of natural cocoa extract. These notes stand on a staunchly masculine foundation of fragrant cedar, dark patchouli and earthy vetiver. (Lovers of patchouli-based scents will fall for this one, as it has it in spades)!


The obsidian-black flacon is spectacular design achievement; one angle a depiction of a man's head in profile, and the other looks like the now-iconic male torso flacon that Gaultier is perhaps best known for!


Kokorico will appeal to the younger set and is the ideal fragrance for a night out on the tiles. The word “Kokorico!” in fact is the boastful cry of a rooster, or the conquering cry of a man filled with pleasure. Brazen, bold and full of sass.


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