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Ever the provocateur of fashion and fragrance, Parisian bad boy Jean Paul Gaultier has enlisted perfume superstar Francis Kurkdjian to create a hardcore floral fragrance for men!



The aptly titled "Fleur du Male" is a striking departure for mens perfumery. Generally there are trends towards woody / spicy or aquatic scents for men… but here Gaultier has emerged with both guns blazing as he turns up the flower-power volume to ten! Super-charged orange blossom plays a starring role in this scent - it is up front and centre and ready to take control! There is no delicate, girly flounciness here… Fleur du Male reaffirms itself as a force majeur as its opening accords rush to fill the back of the nose. A punch of aromatic basil lends depth and complexity to the shimmering orange blossoms, and a dark, husky ribbon of caraway presses up from beneath.


There is a slightly indolic, almost urinous quality which I would perhaps most liken to YSL's Kouros, or Molinard Homme II… both scents with a cult-like following.



Often overlooked in favour of his older, perhaps more chaste sibling "Le Male", Fleur du Male is the rambunctious, tattooed, hitch-hiking kid brother with guitar slung over his back. He's handsome, a little bit dangerous, and of course a hit with the ladies!



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