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Women choose fragrances based on mood, study finds

Feeling happy? Sad? Frisky? Flirty? How you feel may very well determine what fragrance you decide to wear. A new study by Mintel found that women buy fragrances depending on their mood. More than half of the women surveyed (54%) said mood is the most popular indicator of fragrance choice. Other factors include price, celebrity endorsement and season.

Here is a breakdown of the numbers:

54% said mood is the biggest factor.
31% select a fragrance depending on their activity (work vs. play).
26% choose a fragrance based on the time of day.
25% select a scent based on what they are wearing.

The study also found that women over 45 typically stick to one signature scent, so mood isn't a factor.

How they purchase their fragrance varies, from perfume samples at the store to recommendations from family members.

69% buy a new fragrance based on store samples.
26% buy a new fragrance because it was recommended by friends or family members.

Read more about the Mintel fragrance study.
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