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Stella McCartney Perfume Necklace Entices Shoppers

Take a deep breath and imagine the freshness and softness of a rose infused with the dark seduction and sensuality of amber.  As you exhale, close your eyes and picture that same image dangling from your neck in the form of a modern necklace.  Now, open your eyes and meet the Stella McCartney Perfume Necklace – the gorgeous silver charm that mixes fashion with fragrance.

A unique idea from the design house of Stella McCartney, the newly released Solid Perfume Necklace captures the essence of femininity, mystery and confidence - tucked away in a round locket that goes everywhere you do.  Now, you are always prepared when the need for a quick fragrance fix arises.

Beautifully stamped with the Stella McCartney logo, the round locket of the Stella McCartney Perfume Necklace houses the classic and sophisticated Stella fragrance, available for a discreet dab at a moment’s notice.  More than just a great smelling aroma, the Perfume Necklace from Stella McCartney offers the perfect added touch desired by women of elegance and class.

Wherever you are, simply slide open the charm for a touch of Stella that releases the intense heart of Rose Absolute, Peony Flower and Mandarin, as well as the carnal, sexy base of amber.  

Explore the Stella McCartney Perfume Necklace to discover a world where style and scent know no boundaries. 
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