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Rihanna Set to Launch “Irresistible” Fragrance

One of the latest celebrities to dip their feet into the designer fragrance pool, pop star Rihanna is set to launch her signature perfume - a fragrance she is hoping no man can resist.

Rihanna, who hired a scientist to test her signature fragrance, claims that she “spent plenty of time with the chemist mixing the formulas.”  

To help Rihanna with the launch of her perfume, fellow recording artist Jay-Z  signed a deal between his company, Iconic Fragrances LLC, and Parlux Fragrances Inc., so that Parlux would market Rihanna’s new scent.  The scent is set for release as a part of the agreement this summer.

Rihanna has yet to decide on a name for her signature scent, but she is counting on her fans to help.  In search of the best name for her new perfume, Rihanna has opened the doors to suggestions over the Internet.

Rihanna hopes that the release of her signature scent will help her make a comeback after recent controversy over assault charges filed against her ex-boyfriend.  

The singer and songwriter revealed in a recent interview that it was a mistake to date her now ex-boyfriend again, and that she is hoping the release of her new perfume will put her back on the map in a positive light. 
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