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Michael Jackson fragrances coming in March

Be on the lookout for his and hers fragrances in memory of Michael Jackson to launch this spring. The fragrances, Jackson's Tribute cologne for men and Jackson's Legend for women, will be available in the U.S. on March 7.

The eau de parfums were manufactured by perfumer Julian Rouas Paris in partnership with Joe Jackson. A portion of the proceeds will go to some of Michael's favorite charities.

The scents were inspired by the floral aroma that lingers around Neverland Ranch, and were created in record time, according to Rouas.

These aren't the first fragrances inspired by the late King of Pop. Mystique de Michael Jackson and Legende de Michael Jackson were rolled out in the early '90s. Before that, in 1986, Magic Beat was created to appeal to Jackson's young female fans. 
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