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Mango Manga is the ultimate summer fragrance experience

Mango Manga fragrance
Mango Manga has been on the market in Japan since 2005. And now, in 2010, the rest of the world can experience the sunniness of this wildly exotic fragrance.

Montale's Mango Manga is a trip without the traveling. It's a rainforesty tropical vacation in a bottle. Its hints of mango are not overwhelming or sweet like one would expect, but authentic and almost wild, extracted directly from fruit just picked from the tree.

The fragrance's drydown is softer, a little greener and woodier -- a walk in the rainforest after you've tasted the fruit.

All it's missing is a side of sticky rice.

Top: mango, sweet orange
Heart: jasmine Sambac, ylang ylang, neroli
Base: Moroccan oud, vetiver, cedar and oak moss 
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