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Ed Hardy Born Wild for men and women

Next up in the Christian Audiger fragrance line: Ed Hardy Born Wild, available for men and women in November.

The nose behind the women's perfume is Calice Becker, who fused notes of blackberry and black currant buds with magnolia, peach blossom, lily of the valley and sandalwood to create a tropical, irrisistible scent for women.

Ed Hardy Born Wild for men extends the adventure theme with opening notes of unique cara cara orange, spicy cardamom, ambrette seed and apple. The cologne, concocted by perfumer Olivier Gillotin, is a walk on the wild side with heart notes of jasmine, neroli, ozone and pink peppercorn. Low notes include sandalwood and California Palo Verde. Surprisingly these notes fuse perfectly to create a truly rebellious and masculine scent for men.
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