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Check out Oprah's list of favorite new fragrances

Oprah has released her list of favorite new fragrances on What made the top of the list? You'll have to keep reading to see.

First up, it's Emilio Pucci's Miss Pucci. "Imagine an intoxicating blend of heady magnolia cut with fresh Sicilian winter lemon, soft turkish rose, sweet Tunisian orange blossom, and powdery Florentine iris. Capture it all in a bottle graced with an iconic Pucci print in coral, rose, and orange. What would you call it? Miss Pucci, of course—a smokin' gorgeous new scent for fall."

Other noteworthy fragrances that made Oprah's list include Beyonce Heat Ultimate Elixir, Faith Hill True, Armani Acqua di Gioia and Bliss Eau de Toilette. Read the rest of the fragrances here.

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