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Charm Rose: Thomas Sabo's foray into fragrance

German jeweler Thomas Sabo is jumping on the fragrance bandwagon. The fragrance, dubbed Charm Rose, will launch this month in Thomas Sabo stores, as well as Douglas perfumeries in German and Austria. The design team at Thomas Sabo created a fictitious character named Lucy to be the face of the women's fragrance, according to a recent article from WWD. Lucy is both whimsical and waif-like, yet elegant at the same time.

Charm Rose includes notes of yellow plum, clementine, alpine and musk rose, tonka bean and rosewood. WWD reports that the fragrance is the culmination of a partnership between Sabo and German beauty marketing firm Rubysense. There will be more scents to come, as Charm Rose is expected to make a big impact on the market.
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