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Chandler Burr's scents that surprise

Womanity perfume by Thierry MuglerChandler Burr, the master of scent for the New York Times, recently published a list of this season's scents that surprise. Who made the list?

Highlights from the list include:

Womanity, by Thierry Mugler: "Like Angel, Womanity surprises no one in its defiance." We like Womanity, too, for its sweet and salty feistiness.

Bliss, by Bliss: "An olfactory translation of the spa experience." Notes of pomengranate and lemon couldn't be more blissful.

Infusion d'Iris, by Prada: "Whereas Chanel No. 19 maximizes the deep, voluminous luxury of iris root, Infusion presents it in minimalist form." Infusion veers off the beaten scent path and is reminiscent of a summer day in Italy.

Beauty, by Calvin Klein: "Beauty is Calvin's velvet revolution, a feminine feminine." Calla Lily is Beauty's highlight note, meant to capture the essence of a woman's beauty, inside and out.
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