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AXE tells guys how to get the girls

Girls on the East Coast dig coffee scents while West Coast girls are attracted to the smell of baked goods. Really? According to a study conducted by AXE, the men's brand of colognes and body sprays, dudes should select fragrances based on where they live.

AXE also found out a few other interesting tidbits during its study on the science behind scent and attraction. Check out this information we culled from the press release.
  • In Chicago, which houses nearly 700 bakeries and patisseries, girls preferred the sweet smell of vanilla.
  • In in sunny San Diego, girls flip for the smell of suntan lotion and salty ocean air.
Dr. Alan Hirsch, director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, said "Guys should heed these findings as research has shown that when women are in the presence of a preferred scent, they are more likely to project positive feelings on those around them, which can lead to increased attraction."

Girls' scent preferences by city

New York City – Coffee
Los Angeles – Lavender
Chicago – Vanilla
Houston – Barbeque
Atlanta – Cherry
Phoenix – Eucalyptus
Philadelphia – Clean Laundry
Dallas – Smoke/Fireplace
San Diego – Suntan Lotion/Ocean
Minneapolis-St. Paul – Cut Grass

More interesting stuff:
  • One in four girls will wait anywhere from two weeks to a month before washing their sheets in order to keep their guy's scent close
  • Father doesn't know best: 56 percent of girls say they won't date a guy who smells like their dad
  • Guard your belongings: One out of two girls admits that she has committed theft by stealing an article of clothing from a guy to smell when he's gone and nearly 60 percent of girls sleep in their guy's clothes because they like his lingering aroma
  • Need proof of how scent and memory are intertwined? 60 percent of girls still remember the smell of their ex's cologne
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