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In the early noughties, French fragrance titans Hermes conjured a series of scents “Les Jardins” - a lineup of four fragrances (to date) exploring perfumed gardens in different far-flung locations from Tunisia to Egypt to Paris. Each perfume is the creation of Jean Claude Ellena, and each has been rendered like a watercolour painting: diaphanous and airy.

Un Jardin Apres la Mousson (A Garden After the Monsoon) takes us to unexpected India where the drought has quenched by the deluge. The rebirth of nature after the monsoon is deftly recorded with opening notes of ginger and vetiver... there is a dewy, verdant quality present. A melon-like accord brings a huff of sweetness to the scent. This evocation of damp vitality spreads over an earthier blend of cardamom, pepper and coriander – all scents tied to mother earth, and – incidentally -  to regional cuisine.

Ellena's watercolour is an abstract – sweeping flourishes of bright green and light strokes of rich khaki. The fragrance has definite presence, but remarkably, remains transparent and weightless. Un Jardin Apres la Mousson is perfect for warmer weather, and is appreciated by both sexes. One to be spritzed with abandon!

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