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Perfume review: Narciso Rodriguez For Her hums with white-hot appeal

Narciso Rodriguez For Her perfumeAmerican designer Narciso Rodriguez won international acclaim several years ago with the launch of his very first perfume, aptly named Narciso Rodriguez for Her - an eau de toilette oozing with sensuality and unwavering femininity. Narciso Rodriguez For Her perfume is a celebration of Egyptian musk … an oil introduced to the creator in his teens, which he has coveted ever since.

For Her boasts a heart of radiant white musk, surrounded by three pulsing facets: flower honey, light amber and tactile woods … the sum of which make for a voluptuous perfume with chic sophistication.

The opening spritz releases a scattering of soft flowers over the crisp, elegant musk. Narciso Rodriguez For Her hums with a promiscuous "white hot" appeal. The sensation is much like running a wide silk ribbon across the back of one's neck; hot and cold at the same time. It triggers a shiver up the spine with its carnal lasciviousness.

If this perfume were a woman, she would be wearing the most luxurious, desirable - and expensive - French lingerie.

The basenotes trail off with soft musk and fragrant woods, serving as an olfactory finger beckoning you to follow. It is both contemporary in its style and timeless in its appeal. One to be experienced.

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