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Fragrance review: Kenzo Power a wolf in sheep's clothing

Kenzo Power cologneIn contrast to perfumes of the early 20th century, these days there are so few floral fragrances on the market that are geared toward men, and Kenzo Power is only one of just a handful of them. But gents, this eau de toilette is a wolf in sheep's clothing! Just as the name suggests, Kenzo Power possesses the authority and influence to win the ladies over.

Packaged in a striking mirrored flacon reminiscent of antique Japanese Sake bottles, this fragrance opens with juicy bergamot and spicy cardamom. There is a very luminous floral heart of jasmine, freesia and dusty rose which - when combined with powdery orris and a woody, ambery base - makes for a rather remarkable and wearable floral for men.

Kenzo Power has an almost effervescent quality … prickling at the back of the nose with a very intriguing spiciness. Once the lush florals recede, the rich cedar and resinous labdanum base notes trail into the drydown.

Kenzo Power marks a bold new direction for Kenzo, whose fragrances to date have often taken a minimalist Japanese approach. Kenzo Power is a sophisticated floral for men that can be worn in any situation, and should not be shied away from.

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